Windscreen Damage Cause

Tips for Avoiding Windscreen Damage While Driving

Your windscreen is designed to shield you and your passengers from the elements and – as you might expect, that leaves your windscreen itself exposed to it’s fair share of ...

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Icy Roads Featured Image

How to Drive Safe on Icy Roads

The festive period might be well and truly in our rearview mirror, but Spring is far from sprung and we’ve still got some bitterly cold evenings on the horizon. We ...

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How to Drive Safe in High Winds

How to Drive Safe in High Winds

During these transitional weeks between winter and spring, there are a whole new set of road safety concerns for you to keep at the fore of your mind. We should ...

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The Dangers of Driving with a Damaged Windscreen

The Dangers of Driving With A Damaged Windscreen

A chipped, cracked or damaged windscreen can mean much more than a simple eyesore. Though issues with your windscreen might seem less pressing than a mechanical fault in you car; ...

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Windscreen Scratch Removal

Windscreen Scratch Removal – Our how to guide

Windscreens – just like any other part of your car – are prone to wear and tear, over time. Windscreen scratches are more than just unsightly, a compromised windscreen can ...

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Defrost Your Windscreen Quickly

Defrost Your Windscreen Quickly With These Top Tips

Winter is closing in and there is an unmistakable chill in the air, that can only mean that it’s time to get to grips with how to defrost your windscreen ...

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Windscreen Damage

7 Unexpected Ways You’re Damaging Your Windscreen

A cracked windscreen is nobody’s idea of a good time and something that we all do our best to avoid. When you think of windscreen damage, chances are you’re thinking ...

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ADAS calibration

Dynamic vs Static ADAS – what’s the difference?

ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistance System, is a wide-reaching term that covers the wealth of technological enhancements present in most modern vehicles. ADAS improvements have become increasingly commonplace in modern ...

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Winter Ready Car

Winter Ready Car – prepare for the cold and avoid costly repairs

It’s approaching that time of year again. There is a noticeable chill in the air and road conditions are changing accordingly. As Autumn draws to a close having a winter ...

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Windscreens NCT Fail

How your windscreen can fail the NCT

We all know the The National Car Test – the mandatory series of tests that every Irish motor vehicle must pass in order to be deemed roadworthy. First introduced in ...

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