Europe Road Trip

Europe Road Trip: Our Essential Guide

A Europe road trip is one of the great pleasures in motoring. Travelling through the continent by car, on only the best roads, is a driving dream for the adventurous ...

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Car Safety Tips

Car Safety Tips to Protect you and your Family

When you’re behind the wheel of your car – whether you’re driving alone or with passengers – safety should always be at the forefront of your mind. Taking some time ...

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The Correct Way To Clean A Windscreen

Ask an Expert: The Correct Way to Clean a Windscreen

At Allglass® / Autoglass® we serve over 80,000 customers a year, but by far the most common question our customers ask is: “what’s the correct way to clean a windscreen?” ...

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How to protect car paint

How to Protect Car Paint

How to Protect Car Paint How to protect car paint is a pressing concern for most car owners. Your car paint is susceptible to damage from many different angles. Sun damage, ...

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How to Parallel Park

How to Parallel Park: tips for getting it right first time

How to parallel park remains one of the most common concerns amongst novice drivers. Even drivers with years of experience can still be intimidated and in need of tips. Parallel ...

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Autonomous Cars: The Future of Driverless Technology

Advanced driver assistance systems are becoming more and more commonplace in modern cars. ADAS or advanced driver assistance system is a collective term for the various technological enhancements present in ...

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Car first aid kit checklist featured image

Car First Aid Kit Checklist: The Essentials

We all know that there can be no certainties in life, particularly on the roads. A car journey can be disrupted by all manner of unforeseen circumstances. Having your car ...

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Essential tips for buying a used car

The private marketplace for used cars can be a minefield, the right tips for buying a used car are invaluable when making a second-hand purchase. For every new car bought ...

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Eco Driving

Eco Driving: Save Petrol & The Environment

Eco Driving is an approach to driving that strives to maximise efficiency while minimising harmful greenhouse gas emissions. As fuel prices continue to rise and drivers need to become more ...

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Diesel vs Petrol Car: Which is Better?

Diesel vs petrol is a major consideration for all drivers when they are selecting a new vehicle. Both fuels have their advantages and disadvantages. Ireland boasts a reputation as something ...

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