Car Lights Explained

Car Lights Explained and How to Use Them Correctly

Every modern car comes equipped with a selection of different drivers’ lights each with a distinct function: indicators that double up as hazard lights, tail lights that sit next to ...

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Mandatory ADAS Features in 2024

ADAS features that will soon come as standard on all new vehicles

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or ADAS for short, have become commonplace over the course of the last 20 years or so. Essentially every car produced since the turn of the ...

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Driving Test Mistakes

Common Driving Test Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

It can be a long road to becoming a fully licensed driver here in Ireland and we all know just how nerve wracking exams can be, especially the practical driving ...

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What’s the future for Petrol and Diesel cars in Ireland

What’s the future for Petrol and Diesel cars in Ireland?

It’s no secret that modern motoring is in a state of contestant change. Each passing year brings new technological advancements designed to reflect the realities of driving a vehicle in ...

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Car Maintenance

Car maintenance throughout the year

Nobody likes having to shell out for a costly, unexpected repair job or replacement part for their car. Naturally, certain expenses cannot be avoided when it comes to motoring. However, ...

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First Electric Car

HEV, PHEV or EV – what should I go for?

Over the last number of years we’ve seen the number of Electric Vehicles on Irish roads rapidly increase and drivers are understandably enticed by the obvious electric car benefits. Crucially, ...

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Buying your first Electric Car

What to consider before buying your First Electric Car

With each passing year the number of Electric Vehicles on Irish roads has been skyrocketing as Irish drivers are understandably enticed by the obvious benefits in electric motoring. Not to ...

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ADAS Features

Push for standardisation of ADAS terms

The last decade or so has seen Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (or ADAS) become all but ubiquitous. Essentially every vehicle rolling off modern production lines is equipped with some degree ...

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Level 3 Automation

Level 3 Automation is here, but what does that mean?

It has been a big few years for motoring technology. Every few months there seems to be some new breakthrough in the realm of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Even considering ...

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The Boyne Valley Loop

Ireland Scenic Drives: The Boyne Valley Loop

Ireland is full of breathtakingly beautiful and historically fascinating routes for drivers to explore. Considering the country’s array of stunning seaside destinations, many drivers can assume that coastal routes are ...

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