safe driving in the rain this summer

How to drive safe during a summer shower

Here at Allglass Autoglass, we’re all hoping for a summer of soaring temperatures and brilliant blue skies. But, and you don’t need us to tell you this, a sun-drenched summer ...

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What to expect on the day of your Driving Test

Planning ahead for the day of your Driving Test

It’s no secret just how stressful preparing for your driving test can be. Even though you’ve aced your theory test and completed your 12 lessons – there’s no shame in ...

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ADAS Features

Less Common ADAS Features Explained

At Allglass Autoglass we like to stay ahead of the curve and keep on top of all the latest developments in motoring technology. With each passing year, more advanced driver ...

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ADAS Features

Common ADAS Features Explained

Buying a new car in 2022 can be a minefield for a myriad of reasons. Not least of all, the sheer breadth of new technologies that arrive on the auto ...

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ADAS Future Trends

ADAS Future Trends

ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems is a collective term for the various technological enhancements and conveniences we’ve come to expect in modern vehicles. The last decade or so has ...

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Windscreen Chip Repair

Windscreen Chip Repair – Good for your Pocket and the Environment

It should come as no surprise that a chipped, cracked or damaged windscreen can mean much more than a simple eyesore. Though issues with your windscreen might appear to be ...

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Eco Friendly Driving

The Time Has Come For All Drivers to be Eco Friendly

In the 27 years since the UN began bringing together the countries of the world for global climate summits or Conference of the Parties’ – abbreviated as COPs – climate ...

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Safe Driving in Fog

How to Drive Safe in Foggy Conditions

As we move into winter the days grow darker and we often face more challenging driving conditions. Driving in foggy conditions can be alarming – not least of all because ...

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Windscreen Safety

Windscreen safety – what is it and why is it so important?

Windscreens are often overlooked when we discuss car safety. While we all know windscreens protect the occupants of your car from the elements, most drivers don’t realize the importance of ...

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Buying a second hand electric car

What to consider before buying a second hand electric car

We all know that the second hand car market can be a confusing and often intimidating environment at the best of times. For many Irish drivers, the situation can only ...

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