Windscreen Chip Repair

Windscreen Chip Repair – Good for your Pocket and the Environment

It should come as no surprise that a chipped, cracked or damaged windscreen can mean much more than a simple eyesore. Though issues with your windscreen might appear to be less serious than a mechanical or engine fault in your car, don’t be fooled, windscreen damage can be extremely hazardous for yourself, your passengers and fellow road users.

Take a moment to consider all that your windscreen has to do in the event of an accident. If the worst should happen, your windscreen has an important part to play in proper airbag inflation, not to mention the key part your windscreen plays in preventing a roof-crush in a rollover accident. But these are worst-case scenarios, of course. That said, more routine windscreen repair is massively important to maintaining a roadworthy vehicle and keeping you and your passengers safe.

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Noticed a chip in your windscreen? No need to panic – this needn’t spell a costly windscreen replacement. In fact, you might be surprised to learn just how many benefits there are if you opt for a windscreen chip repair rather than a total replacement.


It is not uncommon for drivers to simply ignore chips in their windscreen out of concern regarding the cost of a full windscreen replacement. A chip in your windscreen may feel like a minor issue now, but rest assured, you can be certain that overtime the damage will spread. The sooner you act and commit to a windscreen chip repair, the less likely it is that you will have to go ahead and replace the whole thing. A full replacement is significantly more costly than the windscreen repair service provided at Allglass® / Autoglass® locations nationwide. In fact, a windscreen repair might not cost you anything. If you have fully comprehensive vehicle insurance, or vehicle insurance including cover for glass damage, we can usually repair your windscreen for free. What’s more, it won’t affect any no claims bonus that you may have.

In the vast majority of cases you shouldn’t even have to deal with your insurance company at all as Allglass® / Autoglass® can usually handle the paperwork if the repair is covered by your vehicle insurance.

Windscreen Chip Repair


Stopping by your nearest Allglass® / Autoglass® location to repair a chip is going to be a much quicker and more seamless process than having your entire windscreen replaced. In fact, a windscreen chip can usually be repaired in less than half an hour. If that wasn’t handy enough already, Allglass® / Autoglass® also offers a mobile windscreen repair service for your convenience. Just call us on 01-4090900 or visit to arrange an appointment and one of our technicians will be more than happy to visit you at home, at work or wherever you and your vehicle happen to be, at a time and date that suits you.

Better for your car

It might come as a surprise to learn that when you get a chipped windshield repaired right away, you’re not just fixing the problem. You’re also strengthening the affected area in the windscreen and preventing the chip from spreading.

Our highly trained Allglass® / Autoglass® windscreen repair technicians use specially formulated resin to fix chips. They inject the resin into the chip, then heat up the spot to harden the resin, which will then expand slightly, completely filling the affected area. If you act fast and get chips repaired immediately, you stand to greatly increase the lifespan of your windscreen.

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With the facts laid out, it is hard to argue with the obvious benefits – financial, environmental and otherwise – to having your windscreen repaired rather than replaced. Click here to find your nearest Allglass® / Autoglass® depot and call us on 01-4090900 or visit to book your windscreen repair at a time convenient to you. Check back soon for more explainers, guides and tips just like this one on the Allglass® / Autoglass® blog.

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