Windscreen Claims Infographic

In association with Allianz Car Insurance, we’ve collated some awesome data about our favourite subject car glass and windscreens. We are curious minds and wanted to uncover the main areas and causes of car glass and windscreen damage in 2016. After reviewing all the statistics from 2016 the results are very interesting!

Unsurprisingly, stone damage is the cause of a massive 78% of all reported incidents. However, surprisingly, vandalism comes in second with 9% and animal related damage still accounts for some of the results – 0.3% to be precise. Yes, marginal but noteworthy nevertheless.

Windscreen damage is the most common amongst all claims accounting for 86%, followed by 9% body glass damage claims, 4% rear glass damage claims and 1% “other” claims, which includes sunroofs.

To illustrate the findings Allianz Insurance produced this great infographic. Feel free to share it on social media if you think it’s as cool as we do!

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