What does your car colour say about you?

Every day at Allglass® / Autoglass® our technicians help hundreds of people, right across the country, to get their cars (and their lives) back up and running as quickly as possible after experiencing the misfortune of a glass chip, crack or break. Meeting customers from all walks of life is certainly a perk of the job and over the years we think we’ve become quite attuned to what the colour of a customer’s car says about them. With this mind, we thought we’d pull together the findings of a number of colour psychology experts to explore this topic in more detail.


Powerful, classic, elegant

Black is regarded as the ultimate power colour. It’s seen as classy and elegant and exudes a feeling of luxury and power. It is also of course the colour of sophistication and therefore portrays the driver as someone who is confident and successful.

Think about it this way: how many higher-end car models (BMW, Audi, Mercedes etc), do you notice out on the road that just so happen to be black? Or come to think of it, do you ever happen to notice that VIPs, Presidents, Heads of State and their ilk, always seem to be chauffeured in black cars?


Pure, pristine, and direct

White cars also express elegance. The reason for this is that white is the colour associated with all things pure, pristine, polished and perfect. It is also, of course, a colour that is associated with honesty and integrity.

And here’s an interesting fact that all you drivers of white cars will be interested to know: According to Carwow, white was the most popular car colour of car buyers in the UK for 2015, comprising over 1 in 5 of all cars sold!


Sensual, dynamic, outgoing

According to the colour-psychology experts, the colour red indicates energy, ambition, drive, (pardon the pun), power and confidence.

As a result, drivers of red cars like attention and they like to stand out from the crowd. And actually, come to think of it, a bright red car – no matter what the make or model – does always seem to stand out and grab your attention over other car colours.

So the key message here is simply, don’t mess with red car owners!


Futuristic, prestigious, and elegant

Silver is the colour of cool, suave, elegant, and futuristic. However, as with most things metallic, it also portrays a hint of preciousness because, one assumes, of the way in which we associate silver with gold.

So, although silver doesn’t aspire to the sophisticated confidence of black, in a much more subtle way it marries style and elegance with opulence.


Neutral, sober, practical

It is very important not to confuse grey with silver and vice versa; we just want to be clear about that lest anyone might think they are one and the same. In fact, grey is a very neutral colour and as a result, the typical “grey” driver is a practical, sensible, straightforward and highly pragmatic person who is likely to see a car as nothing more than a vehicle designed to get them from A to B.


In general, blue is seen as being practical, positive and upbeat. However, as blue comes in many shades and hues, it appears that different shades reflect different personality types.

And because we wouldn’t want to erroneously equate the personality of a dark blue car driver with that of a light blue one, we thought it wise to split the colour blue into two different shades:

Dark blue:

Confident, credible, authoritative

Drivers of dark blue cars exude formality and professionalism. They tend to be confident and they like being seen as authoritative figures. (Aha, so now you know – there’s a very good reason why so many corporate / company cars are dark blue).

Light-mid blue:

Calm, faithful, true

Medium to light blue, on the other hand, indicates reliability rather than confidence. As a result, the driver of a car of this shade of blue tends to be quite down to earth, calm and approachable.


Well-Balanced, trustworthy, traditional, understated, natural

Someone who drives a green car is someone who usually leads a very well-balanced life. Think about it: green is the most-balanced colour in nature and is therefore a colour that is associated with trust, tradition, and the natural environment.

So in essence this means that the driver of a green car is someone who appreciates simplicity, is practical to a fault, as well as balanced and authentic.


And there you have it, all very interesting eh? Based on these colour findings (which are the findings of colour psychology experts as opposed to us we should reiterate!) do you think that your car colour accurately reflects your personality traits?

We hope you enjoyed this article. Make sure to check the Allglass® / Autoglass® blog again for more guides, tips and explainers like this one. Safe travels!

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