Takes approximately 10 minutes
Kills 99.9% of germs and viruses including COVID 19
Eco friendly – 95% less chemical consumption when you deliver disinfectant via steam/mist
Removes bad smells and odors from the car interior and air ducts
The disinfectant we use contains a non-bleach formula, meaning no discoloration to interior surfaces
Great value – only €19.99 per vehicle!
This service is available in our Tallaght, Wellington St. and Dublin Airport branches.

How the process works

Step 1

We begin by turning on the vehicle’s air circulation. This allows the disinfectant mist to spread more effectively through out the vehicle, as well as enter the airducts, killing any germs, viruses or bad odors that may reside in the airducts.


Step 2

Next we open the windows slightly on one side of the vehicle, creating a 1 inch gap.


Step 3

Next we place the pump nozzle through the 1 inch gap in the window and begin to fill the car interior with the disinfectant mist.


Step 4

Once the car has completely filled with the disinfectant mist we allow it to permeate briefly, before opening all vehicle doors, allowing the mist to disperse. This leaves behind a residue which dries quickly, creating a protective barrier.


Step 5

As an extra line of defense we then spray directly on to all vehicle interior surfaces, including the head liner, front and rear seats, door panels, carpets, dashboard, center console, steering wheel and wiper controls.


Optimist Sanitization

The Optimist Sanitization Machine produces a fine micronized aerosol mist comprised of water and antiviral disinfectant delivering fast, thorough and efficient disinfection. Perfect not only for the sanitization of car interior surfaces, the Optimist Sanitization Machine is also an effective means of odor control in car interiors and can be safely sprayed through climate control air ducts to sanitize and deodorize. Delivering disinfectant using mist/steam also reduces chemical consumption by 95%, making Optimist a more eco-friendly alternative to standard sanitization solutions.


Antiviral Disinfectant

Our Antiviral disinfectant was independently tested in February 2020 to European Standard BS EN 14476 and was shown to be effective against enveloped viruses, killing 99.9% of germs and viruses including COVID 19. This non-bleach formula is safe to use on all car interior surfaces and will not cause any fading or discoloration.


Our Locations

We currently offer Full interior Steam Sanitization in 3 Dublin locations:


The Square Motor Centre,
Belgard Square S,
Co. Dublin


Wellington St.

16 Wellington Street Lower,
Dublin 7


Dublin Airport

Airport Business Park,
Co. Dublin


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